Frequently asked questions


How long will my order take?

Each order is made custom in the order that we recieve it. How many masks you order and how many orders we have can effect wait time. Generally we can get orders out in three to five days. Beardy Masks and orders of more than 5 may take longer. If there is a rush for some reason let us know what the situation is. We will do our best to get it done sooner. That's what coffee is for right?

I noticed on the order form I can't pick a specific mask, how will I know what I am getting?

Because of our vast range of fabric, there is no way for us to photograph all of it. If you have something in mind you want or don't want please let us know in the "OTHER INFO" section on the order form after choosing your other design preferences. Designing the masks is really fun for us so we make sure to make you something awesome!

Why can't I have a solid color or single print mask?

We do not make solid color or single print masks. Our designer cutomizes every mask to order based on a series of questions that help make it one of a kind for you! She makes sure the prints and colos compliment eachother in a way that will fit your personality. On the order form there are options to let her know what you like and don't like to get the nest design for you.

I saw a mask on Instagram/Facebook/a friend that I want. Can I have the same one?

Part of the fun of a custom mask is it being unique for you! We generally do not make the exact same mask twice as most of the time changing one or two prints of the mask you like can make it even better for you! If you see a mask you love feel free to describe it in the "OTHER INFO" section on the order form after filling out the rest of your design preferences. Please describe it, do not put the name it has on the website. It can be hard for us to go back and find that specific one. We may reach out to you to specify preferences.

What are the donations paying for?

About a third of our masks are donated at no cost to postal workers, donations help keep that sustainable. Our out of pocket costs include fabric, nose wire, ear straps, sanitizing wash, bags, labels, cards, etc. The people making the masks are unemployed during this pandemic so this also helps make it possible for them to spend their time making masks.

Do you make masks for children?

We can upon request. Our masks fit ages 6 and up from what we have been told. The masks measures 9" from end to end and have adjustable ear straps. If you are unsure, measure from ear to ear. The child size mask is for ages 3 to 5.

I want to donate fabric/thread/supplies? How do I do that and what do you need?

Cotton fabric that is at least 7"x7" is what we are using! No floral or Christmas fabric please as we have enough! We would love geometric, plaid, polka dot, stripes, gender neautral prints and the like. If you have other prints you think we would like we will take it! Super strecthy fabric like leggings or spandex is awesome for ear straps. If you have cotton leggings or spandex to get rid of send them our way! Bobbins! The more bobbins we have the more we can wind at once to keep us going for a long time! Fill out the contact form to let us know you have goodies for us! We so appreciate it! Thank you so much for your support!

How much do the masks cost?

Masks are priced at a sliding scale. FaceHugger Masks are a minimum donation of $10, suggested $20. Beardy Masks are minimum $25, suggested $45. Additional donations may be made to support us continuing to make masks for postal workers.

I just ordered and paid for shipping and realized I can come pick it up, can you refund the shipping?

We do not offer refunds. We ship through USPS and buying shipping through them further supports the postal workers! If you decide you would rather pick up your masks we will put that money towards masks for postal workers and donate an additional mask to a local post office on your behalf.

I work for a post office and want masks to give out at my station. Can I make a bulk order for masks to be donated?

If we have not sent masks to your station yet, please contact us using the contact form. If we have sent masks to your station, please use the order form for additional masks. We are trying to spread the love to stations that don't have them yet before doubling back.

How many masks do you give to postal carriers?

We make a mask to donate to a postal carrier with every order placed. You choose if you would like to give it to your carrier of let us donate it locally on your behalf. We have made over 1200 masks at this point. At least 400 of them have been donated to postal workers.

Can I give the donated mask for my Postal Carier to someone else? What if I offer it and they don't want it?

If for any reason you do not want to give it to your carrier you can opt out of us sending it to you on the order form. We will donate it to a local carrier! If you offer it to them and they really really really don't want it, give it to a FedEx, Amazon, UPS, etc. person. Our letter carriers and package handlers are dealing with envelopes people have licked all day. People do not respect their personal space. They generally feel under appretiated. This mask is for them, it shows them someone cares. We have had one or two people ask if they could just give it to a different essential worker friend instead of offering it to their postal worker. No. Have your friends make an order, we would love to help them too. They don't need your postal carrier's mask, your carrier does. Thank you.

​How are FaceHugger Masks different from other masks?

FaceHugger Masks by Huggins are made with:
- Three layers of cotton, each mask is reversible!
- Extra long nose wire prevents glasses from fogging up. Really.
- Adjustable ear straps to fit most faces comfortably, no pinching elastic makes it easy to wear all day.
Beardy FaceHuggers have extra room and an adjustable chin strap to accommodate facial hair or those who want the space.

How do I wash my mask?

You can wash it with your regular laundry. If you have a garment bag, pillow case or something to keep it from tangling with other laundry that is best. If you iron it, don't iron the beads!

How are the masks "sanitized"? Do I need to wash it before I wear it?

We take every precaution to make the masks as clean as possible. We have a washing machine that has a two hour sanitize cycle. It has an additional water heating element as well as using steam and Oxi-Clean to kill allergens and germs. We then put them in teh dryer on high heat for an hour. The masks are bagged and sealed by someone that is wearing a mask and gloves. Even though they are washed and dryed, you might find a stray thread that has clung on. Don't worry, it's clean too! While we don't think you need to wash it before you wear it, if you are more comfortable doing so then of course do that.

Why is the site background flamingos?

Because flamingos are awesome and to brighten your day!

Who makes FaceHugger Masks by Huggins?

Lillian Huggins is a hairdresser that had to close her salon during the COVID pandemic. Her fiance Jae is a postal carrier. Concerned for his and his coworkers' safety she started making masks. Since then their roomate Heather has joined the effort. Lillian works full time designing, sewing, packaging and sending masks.

Does the mask you send for my postal worker cost me anything?

No! FaceHugger Masks donates the mask at no cost to you! You have the option to donate towards postal masks but it is not required.

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